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How to Clean & 
Protect The Pads

Time saving tips for optimal pet care

  • For short hair breeds, a spray bottle of water can help clean feet, legs, and the undercarriage 
  • For longer fur, dip his/her feet into a water bucket next to the door and towel dry.
  • For you DIY types there are lots of ideas on how to make your own wipes with a ½ roll of paper towels on the internet.  If you already do this or find one you like, I’d love to hear what you have found out
  • A massage of olive oil on their pads can have soothing &healing benefits.
  • Bees wax products can be used to protect pads from ice, snow and other irritants.


Long growing breeds are more likely to trap dirt and mud in the fur and around their paws so they may require extra attention. 

Bath and more for long hair breeds at our salon will get an individualized  multi step bath and dry, maintenance brushing, trimming of the Toenails, under the feet, and sanitary area, plus around the feet, and eyes. 

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We help busy families manage their pets health and well being with the comfort of knowing that their pet has been groomed in the most humane & comfortable way. 

We value open and honest communication and therefore give full disclosure to our clients about their pets and the conditions we observe so you can make the choices that are best for you and your family.  
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